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8 top tips to have more fun playing bingo

Hey, hey, hey bingo fans! We all love playing bingo, both online and in real life. But what if we told you there was a way to have more fun playing bingo? We didn’t think it was possible either!

If you’re throwing an event, or playing virtual bingo with friends, these handy tips could help you have even more fun than before. Bingo, go, go!

1: Swap your bingo cards

As we all know, bingo is a game of luck. Sometimes you’ll strike gold with your card and in other games you’ll barely cross a number off. One way to spice up your bingo life is to add a hot potato element to the game.

Every time a number is called, swap bingo cards – or seats – with somebody else. That way, you’re all in the same boat. It’s a cruel way to lose but it keeps everybody in the game until the very end.

2: Have forfeits!

Nothing makes a game more competitive quite like having forfeits. Whether it’s having to sing a song or eat something unpleasant, there are tons of ways to make each player determined to win.

The forfeits can be introduced at any time and they can even be applied to players that win. Call a Full House on a 13? Sounds unlucky to us, down your drink!

3: Play fancy dress bingo

Even if you’re just playing a standard game of 90-ball bingo, everything’s more fun when people are dressed up. Whether it’s a themed night such as Halloween or simply a wear what you like event, fancy dress always lifts the mood. We can’t help but laugh at the thought of Buzz Lightyear and Spider-Man going head-to-head in a bingo battle!

4: Mix things up a bit!

Bingo is a numbers game – but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to playing it in the traditional format. Use your imagination and create bingo cards using whatever you like. Not only does it freshen up the game, but it can also often make it more of a skill-based competition.

You could turn your bingo game into a quiz night, with a card loaded with answers to questions. Or you could create a party atmosphere. Load up a playlist, turn up the speakers and have players test their music knowledge by crossing off the song titles. You could even have a themed night with printable bingo cards, such as St Patrick’s Day.

5: Play different types of bingo

One line. Two lines. Full House. We all know the drill – but that’s not the only way to play! Feel free to mix up how you cross your numbers off to make the game a bit more interesting.

Games where you have to dab out specific patterns, such as all four corners, or only cross off multiples of 3, can add a bit of variety to proceedings.

6: Get to know each other with human bingo

There’s a special place in hell reserved for whoever invented the ‘tell us a fun fact about yourself’ introduction format. Cringe or what?! Don’t worry, there’s a new icebreaker in town – human bingo!

Create bingo cards using information about the people involved, such as their dog’s name or their favourite film. It’s then up to the players to mingle in order to find out all of the information from their peers and finish their card first.

7: Up the stakes!

Everyone loves the social aspect of bingo but secretly we all know why we’re really there – to win prizes! And one way of making a game of bingo more fun is by playing for big money. It may not always be possible but there are ways to increase the prize pot, such as charging slightly more for each bingo ticket.

8: Introduce new rules

If you’re settling in for a long night of bingo, why not introduce new rules after each game? Whoever wins each game creates a rule for the evening which must be followed, with forfeits for those who break it.

The rules can be whatever you like! Want everyone to have to write with their wrong hand? Go for it. Feel like making everyone stand up and quack like a duck every time a 2 is called? Sounds good to us!