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The OJO Show: our awesome podcast that provides no-nonsense tips and strategies for playing casino games. If you’ve already been following The OJO Show, you’ll know how it rolls, by providing no-nonsense tips and strategies to help you up your game knowledge, bet smarter, and have more fun.

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New Podcast Episode: The ultimate intro to online slots

Slots might just be the easiest casino games to play, yet with complex maths and innovative new features, they are probably the most complicated games to make. Just read any slot rules and you’ll see for yourself.

In our first slots cast, we explain how they work and show you how to master the world’s most popular game category that’s being reinvented ever year. Learn how to

With an almost infinite combination of themes, symbols, features and payouts, the sheer choice of online slots could leave you reeling. In this ideal introduction to online slots for new players, we’ll show you how to choose slots to maximise your enjoyment, and improve your odds in your battle against the house.

What’s in this episode:

What is a slot machine?How does it workSlot features explainedHow to pick the right slot for youCan you improve your odds of winning?The safest way to play slots

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Hosted by gambler and industry insider Daniel Grant, the OJO Show series begins with the Ultimate Beginner Guide to Blackjack, covering everything you need to know to play a better Blackjack hand, followed by the A-Z Guide for playing Roulette to get you as prepped as can be for the big wheel classic. Now it’s time for Dan to share all his expert knowledge on Slots and tips on how to bet smarter and have THE MOST amount of fun possible.

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